How to Create Awesome Video Content for Your Content Marketing


Writing a lot of blog entries isn’t the only way to accomplish content marketing. Sure, it can imply that, but video content is just as effective.

Video, in fact, has several advantages over printed information. Sure, it’s less SEO-friendly, and it necessitates a larger level of viewer commitment (they need to be able to have their sound on for starters). However, video allows you to portray your personality, principles, and skills in a far more efficient and timely manner. Video is also more interesting by nature and a wonderful method to demonstrate professionalism. If your video has great production values, it implies that you have some level of power to be able to create it in the first place.

With that in mind, how do you go about incorporating amazing video content into your website? Here are some helpful hints…

The Quality

To begin, double-check that you have the necessary equipment. It is feasible to film using a phone, although autofocus will frequently be a problem. Choose a DSLR or mirrorless camera with a flip screen so you can see yourself speaking and double-check that you’re in frame.

The brightness is just as crucial as the camera. Make sure your image is bright and clear, and think about purchasing studio lighting equipment like a softbox. It’s also a good idea to stand near a window.

This will greatly improve the clarity of your footage, ensuring that your audience does not have to squint or lean in too close to the screen!

Sound quality is also crucial. The professionalism of your films will be severely harmed if your sound is muted. Speak into a lapel mic or a free-standing microphone like the Blue Yeti Snowball to solve this problem.

Consider the other characteristics of a high-quality production. For example, you should ensure that you talk slowly and clearly and that you are well-presented. You should also consider your background. It won’t look nice if you’re standing in front of your chest of drawers with your boxes hanging out!


After that, you can use a piece of editing software like Adobe Premiere to synchronize your video and audio. Then, to keep the flow continuing and keep the audience entertained, try inserting a few cuts and edits. When possible, swap to still photos and film from various sources to keep the video from becoming monotonous.

You can also add a discreet backing track and, most crucially, a logo in the top or bottom corner here. You can also include an introduction (on Fiverr, look for someone to do it) and possibly ‘bottom thirds’ to introduce persons and concepts as they arrive on the screen.

These simple details might add up to make something that looks really professional and will elicit the desired reaction!

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